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my comp has ben down and until i receive my school loan i wont be able to fix it, so for now, enjoy my old songs...

Another New Song

2011-02-12 12:59:22 by Stolkmen5000


Above is a new song


New Song

2011-01-31 09:00:49 by Stolkmen5000

I've Got a New song HERE

Check it out and review


Almost done with new song

2011-01-29 10:52:03 by Stolkmen5000

It is hard to finish this one just because I am lagging behind my thoughts but have no fear I will be posting it up on newgrounds shortly.



Anyway, I'll tell everybody about it once it's ready


2009-04-02 20:38:28 by Stolkmen5000

new on


I made a site so I can submit my writing. Now you can see my music (here) and my writing (there)

Go to:

Composing Rules!

2008-05-23 07:56:07 by Stolkmen5000

Composing is in my blood! Sadly my sister has stolen my computer so I can't really do much but that doesn't mean you all can't listen to the songs I have previously written. Comments are appreciated and I will hopefully be back with new songs! Enjoy!

Grrrr Im so Mad

2008-04-13 01:17:57 by Stolkmen5000

Why can authors only submit two songs a day?? And why do I do it at midnight??? GAH! IDK but I really wish I can post four or five a day....that'd be cooler!

Finally found a converter. Imagine GarageBand having it. I'll try to add two songs everytime I'm on. It's a shame its two daily, but hey, thats the way it is